R3 Digital Sciences draws upon our wealth of in-house experience in the design and integration of novel software, hardware, and information systems. In addition, we are able to provide a broader range of engineering and technical capabilities through our relationships with the following companies.

Adhara Technology

Adhara Technology is an engineering services company with experience designing everything from rugged, low power military electronics to mobile power systems, to devices to aid search and rescue operations. We will work with you to ensure that our services meet your needs. At the end of a project, we'll be sure to provide you with the documentation necessary to support the product lifecycle beyond product development.

Fleming Technologies

Fleming Technologies is a software engineering services company with an extensive background in aviation and defense industries. From embedded systems (software and FPGA) to desktop development (Linux, Windows and Web), they are passionate about their work and are ready to serve. Fleming Technologies excels at system processes from concept to qualification; wherever you are in your product cycle, they can help.

PowerHub Systems

PowerHub Systems provides products and services focused on emerging energy technologies and 21st century grid applications. With over 80 years of combined professional experience, their core expertise is in engineering smarter more affordable inverters, controllers, and integrated systems for the growing renewables and energy storage markets. PowerHub's team of Industrial, Mechanical, Software, and Electrical Engineers are capable of tailoring custom power processing solutions, specializing in grid interactive power conversion for energy storage and solar applications of any power/energy level. In addition, they offer custom technical services that extend from preliminary market viability research through prototyping and pre-production.

TechOpp COnsulting Inc.

TechOpp Consulting brings over 500 years of combined experience from within their core consulting group, with broad networks within the DOD, DOE, NASA, energy sector principals, and defense prime contractors. They specialize in helping businesses transition new technology to a commercial product by identifying new applications and defining specific transition pathways and requirements. TOC utilizes their network to identify opportunities, gather application intelligence, refine marketing materials for the target audience, make the initial connections and participate in initial meetings with potential customers. TOC proactively engages end users and system integrators early in the development cycle to help align technology development with specific applications. TOC also offers support in proposal development, intellectual property protection and licensing, government accounting practices, contracts management, project management and others.